There are hundreds of slot machines – each developer has an impressive collection of diverse games in their assortment. When choosing a slot, players first evaluate it visually; not all and not always look at the technical characteristics. According to experts, it is problematic to name the best slot machine at all, because each of the players has their own evaluation criteria. Consider the main parameters that objectively differ slots.

Number of reels

Most modern slots have five reels, each with three symbols. There are slots with four, six, as well as a different number of spinning reels. But such machines are considered rare. Another common category of slots is three-reel slot machines. In terms of the number of drums, they resemble mechanical “one-armed bandits” that appeared more than a hundred years ago. If simplicity of the game and clear rules are important for you, then it is better to choose slot machines with three reels. They rarely have free spins or mini-games, but sometimes there are special symbols. The prize symbols are usually fruits.

Presence of special characters

Not all symbols of slot machines have standard functions – to form prize combinations after matches within the paid prize line. Some characters have priority and special functions. Most often, there are three types of special symbols in slots: wild, scatter and bonus. The wild is also called the “wild” symbol, as it can turn into the basic symbols that are missing to form the prize sequence. Sometimes the wild can expand to the entire reel, and also double the amount of winnings in the combination formed with its participation.

The scatter is a scatter symbol. Its main advantage is the ability to form prize sequences without reference to the prize lines marked on the reels. Usually, the scatter triggers free spins, free spins are awarded after the appearance of at least three scatter symbols on the reels.

The bonus itself is not paid, but a certain number of bonuses that appear on the screen at the same time start a mini-game. A mini-game is usually dedicated to the theme of the slot, and can take place in several stages.


It all depends on the taste and interests of the player. Developers offer slots on various topics. For example, fruits, money, jewelry, often machines are dedicated to the plot of a popular movie or TV series. Sometimes players choose slot machines only by theme – this is not entirely true, you also need to take into account the features of the slot device. Fortunately, different developers can find slot machines with different functionality that are dedicated to the same topic.

Risk game

For some players, the emotions and adrenaline that the main game gives is not enough. Therefore, the developers have included a risk game in the functionality of most modern slot machines. Most often, it is a simple poker game in which you need to guess the highest card at face value. In a number of slots, instead of the seniority of the card, it is required to guess its color. Slot machines are less common, in the risk game of which you need to guess the suit of the card. It must be remembered that the bet in the risk game is the player’s win in the previous round. If the player guesses the outcome incorrectly, then the entire prize will be sent to the casino’s income.

The number of prize lines and the ability to choose their number

Most five-reel slots have 15-20 paylines, usually the player is allowed to choose the number of active sequences. In three-reel slots, the number of available pay lines can be limited to five. Many newer slot games tend to have fixed paylines, where the player will be required to play all the available sequences at the same time.

In a number of slots, manufacturers have completely abandoned the traditional set of prize lines. A certain number of combinations participate in the game, for example – 243 or 1024. The scheme of their placement on the reels is not displayed, and you can only play on all sequences at the same time. The player is asked to choose only the bet he will place on one spin of the reels.