A guide to choosing the perfect online casino

Online gambling is booming and is a very popular pastime for many people today. Almost every day, online casino game developers create more and more fun and exciting games that attract more and more people to the industry. The exciting games and of course the chance to win money are the main factors that make online gambling so interesting.
As the popularity and demand increase, the supply of various forms of gambling naturally also increases. Today, the number of online casinos available online is probably ten times greater than ten years ago, and new online casinos are opening almost every day. Now, of course, the question arises, how do you choose the best online casino with so many offers? If you don’t have much experience with online gambling yet, all the casinos you find online seem to be the same. In this case, we would like to provide you with a clear guide that should help you show you all the main aspects of choosing the best online casino.

Online casino highlights

Of course, choosing the right online casino depends on what exactly we are looking for. One thing every online casino should have, no matter what games it offers, is user safety! Everyone should check at the very beginning whether an online casino is serious, as there are many providers on the Internet that are deliberately looking for scammers. Therefore, you should definitely check the online casino for its reliability. The list of Neteller casinos in Poland usually includes many of these trustworthy casinos. This may be due to several factors:


Every reputable online casino is licensed by an independent research agency and / or state authority. There are various testing agencies that you should definitely know and you should check that the online casino has actually been inspected and licensed by such an authority. Testing agencies that issue reputable licenses for online casinos include the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission or Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. These certification bodies are some of the best and most of all the strictest licensors and are a very important indicator of whether it is a reputable supplier or not. Whether the casino is actually certified can be asked from the testing agency so that you are on the safe side.

Online casino bonus programs

One of the things that distinguishes the online gambling industry from the world of classic casinos is the number of different promotions and bonus programs that are offered to players. This includes generous welcome bonuses and loyalty programs that can be very rewarding and fun.
Welcome bonuses at casinos usually work by ensuring that the casino provides some or even all of the starting capital for the game. For example, you get a € 200 deposit offer to get an extra € 200 as a gift, but you have to use it to play. If you are not yet familiar with online gambling, this may be a good way to practice with this amount. In most casinos, this is a standard offer for any newly registered player.

The welcome bonus package is one of the first things you should pay attention to when choosing an online casino. These offers can actually increase your chances of winning and additionally lead to increased entertainment value. Nevertheless, you should always be aware that not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Therefore, some transparency must be created.

Requirements and Restrictions

Online casinos tend to be quite generous compared to classic casinos, although you should always remember that an online casino is always income oriented. No online casino wants to give away money, which means bonuses always come with some limitations.
Wagering Requirements is the most common term to come across when it comes to casino bonuses. Put simply, this is the spin that must be achieved before the bonuses are released. For example, if you wager 30 times on this € 200 bonus, you will have to wager € 6,000 before all of the money is actually deposited into your account.

In most cases, it is very difficult to fully understand the wagering requirements. However, as a rule of thumb, anything over 40 times the bonus amount or 25 times the total amount (bonus + deposit) will not give you any advantage. Here, of course, there are some exceptions that can be found, however, especially as a layman, not so easy.

Welcome Bonus

In the case of the so-called however, other restrictions apply to the welcome bonus. In most cases, there is a maximum bet. For example, if someone has an active bonus, they cannot wager more than a certain amount at a time. For example, the welcome bonus may be limited to € 5 per slot spin or single-hand blackjack.